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Motion Sensor Wardrobe Light, LED Closet Light USB Rechargeable Cupboard Lights

Motion Sensor Wardrobe Light, LED Closet Light USB Rechargeable Cupboard Lights

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Motion Sensor Wardrobe Light, LED Closet Light USB Rechargeable Cupboard Lights, 71 LED Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting Stick-on Kitchen Stairs Hallway, 2 Sensor Mode (Only Motion, Motion & Light) [Energy Class A+++]

  • 72 LED Beads: This under cabinet light features ultra-thin design, and is built in with 72 LED beads, which can offer you crisp and bright light (350Lm). The illumination range of the LED light is enough to light all dead corners of the cupboard. From the outer angle, the light is soft & gentle, and can protect your eyes.
  • Useful 3 Modes: One compact button for easy operation! There are 3 modes available for you. First press of the button - "always-on" mode; second press - the green indicator will flash for 6 times, and it enters night sensor mode; third press - the green indicator will be on for 3 seconds and it enters all-day sensor mode. In each mode, long press the button for stepless dimming to adjust the brightness.
  • Smart Motion Sensor: The built-in motion sensor can give you a hands-free way to turn on the light. In sensor modes, the LED wardrobe light will turn on automatically when it detects any human movement within the distance of 3 meters and 120°sensing range. The under-cabinet light also has a built-in timer for automatic shut-off after 20 seconds. Super convenient and energy-saving.
  • Easy Installation: Our under-cupboard light is strengthened with 3 built-in magnets, so compared with others, the magnet of our LED light is more powerful and stable. For any magnetic surface, the LED light can be mounted directly. Thanks to the adhesive magnetic strips (we offer 5 strips: 3 for use and 2 for backup use), the light bars can be installed easily in your kitchen, closet, or anywhere else.
  • Various Applications: It can be placed in a closet, drawer, cabinet cupboard, bathroom at night, cellar, shed, stairway, drawer, under-cabinet, pantry, bedroom, wardrobe, workshop, bookshelf, attic, basement, hallway, corridor, headboard, or similar dark location.
  • 1500mAh Rechargeable Battery: The under-cabinet light is built in with 1500mAh rechargeable battery. In motion sensor mode, the battery life can reach several weeks. The magnetic installation system means it is super easy to remove the light, charge it, and then quickly re-install it. It can totally free up your under-cabinet outlets and eliminate dangling cords or unsightly plugs—giving you under cabinet lighting a clean & professional appearance.




  • Does your outlet lack an on-off switch? Do you frequently have messy hands in the kitchen while cooking or cleaning and want to turn the light on without touching anything? Our Under Cabinet Light may be the ideal solution for any room in your home, adding light wherever extra light is needed.
  • These slim, focused light fixtures can provide task lighting over counters, sinks, and prep areas. At the same time, the soft glow from under cabinet lighting is a great way to illuminate the space without the harsh glow of a powerful overhead light. The energy-efficient cupboard light can be for both practical and aesthetic purposes!


under cabinet light

LED Motion Sensor Light

It means you can have light only when you need it, without worrying about turning it off when you don’t.

wireless motion sensor light

There are 3 modes available for our under-cabinet light - "Always on" Mode, Night Sensor Mode, All-day Sensor Mode.

"Always on" Mode: In this mode, the LED light will be always on.

Night Sensor Mode: In this mode, the light bar will be on only when it detects any movement in dark enough condition.

All-day Sensor Mode: In this mode, the closet light will be on when it detects any movement.

In each mode, please long press the button to adjust the brightness of the light bar. It is stepless dimming and you can operate it with ease.


LED Cupboard Light

LED Motion Sensor Light

Rechargeable LED Light

Cut the cord and skip frequent battery replacement by choosing a rechargeable LED light bar. It is also your camping light.

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