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Full Screen Protector For iPhone 11, iPhone XR Tempered Glass Bubble Free - 2 Pk

Full Screen Protector For iPhone 11, iPhone XR Tempered Glass Bubble Free - 2 Pk

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UNBREAKcable iPhone 11/XR 2 Pack, Screen Protector with Guide Frame, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fingerprint, Bubble Free Series Dual Defence Premium Tempered Glass for iPhone 11/XR 6.1-Inch

  • Double Defence: The hardness of the UNBREAKcable tempered glass protector is enhanced by a special process which is twice the hardness of strength as the non-tempered general alternatives. In addition, this screen protector is withstood 30KG tests.


  • Full Coverage & Innovative Protection: UNBREAKcable Full Coverage iPhone 11/XR Tempered Glass Screen Protector features a sophisticated 2.5D curved edge trim design. Remind: Due to the curved-edge design of the iPhone 11/XR, UNBREAKcable screen protector is made to be smaller than the actual screen. This ensures the wide compatibility of the screen protector used with almost all phone cases.


  • Scratch Resistant & Anti-fingerprint: UNBREAKcable always continues to find and upgrade the materials of Multi-Surface Layer, including Oleophobic Coating, 9H Hardness Tempered Glass, Optical Clear Adhesive, PET Base, Silicone Resin and Release Film, which are the main materials could be made it extremely anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint.


  • Easy Installation & Bubble Free: Due to Plasma spray and Auto-adsorption technology, it can self-expel air bubble. In addition, this product comes with a free easy installation frame to install the screen protector.


  • Package includes: Full coverage tempered glass screen protector*2, installation frame*1, wet wipe*3, dust absorber*3, dust sticker*4, lint-free cloth*1, detailed installation guide*1.


UNBREAKcable Double Defence Tempered Screen Protector for iPhone 11/ Tempered Screen Protector for iPhone XR


iphone 11 screen protector iphone xr screen protector

UNBREAKcable Apple iPhone 11 iPhone XR 6.1Inch Screen Protector Tempered Glass Film 3-Pack 0.33mm




UNBREAKcable Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11 (2019) / iPhone XR (2018) – Protected in Every Way

1. Is the Screen Protector easy to be installed?

  • Yes, UNBREAKcable tempered glass screen protectors come with all accessories needed for a successful installation — 1 Installation frame, 3 alcohol wipes, 3 electrostatic dust removal stickers, 2 dust removal stickers, 1 microfiber cloth & detailed installation guide. It is easy to install this bubble-free screen protector.


2. How can I get rid of bubbles?

  • Please clean the screen by following the instruction in the user manual before installing the screen protector.
  • If there are still any bubbles between the screen protector and the phone screen, use the cloth provided to gently smooth them toward the closest edge of the glass protector.


3. Does the screen protector affect sensitivity or the 3D Touch function?

  • No, UNBERAKcable glass screen protectors are meticulously tested to deliver a remarkable touch sensitivity. The screen protector is just as sensitive as your iPhone's original screen.


4. Does it show fingerprints?

  • Oleophobic coating on UNBREAKcable screen protectors can resist sweat and oil residue from fingerprints and any tiny debris can be easily wiped away. We recommend using the microfiber cloth for quick and easy cleaning.


5. Why is the screen protector smaller than my iPhone's screen?

  • The protector is smaller to suit the curved edge design of iPhone 11 (2019), enhance screen protector compatibility with phone cases, and prevent bubbling and peeling at edges. But the front camera area is protected by the screen protector to avoid scratches and dust.


Package Contains:

  • 2-Pack UNBREAKcable tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 11 (2019) / iPhone XR (2018)
  • 1 Installation frame
  • 3 Wet Cloth
  • 1 Lint-free cloth
  • 3 dust absorbers
  • 2 dust stickers
  • 1 User manual

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