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Multi Functional Tac Pen 9 in 1 High Grade Aluminium With Wallet Tool Card

Multi Functional Tac Pen 9 in 1 High Grade Aluminium With Wallet Tool Card

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Tac Pen by Bell+Howell – Multi Functional - Aluminium – Outdoor and Indoor Tactical Gear – Glass Breaker + LED Flashlight + Screwdriver + Bottle Opener – As Seen On TV – Must Have Camping/Hiking Gadget! Also A Great Tool for the Glove Box!!


  • 9 IN 1 TACTICAL PEN: by Bell+Howell: A technical pen with replaceable ink. Comes with a Flat Head and Phillips screwdriver & bottle opener, a flashlight with zoom function and STROBE for self-defence (replaceable battery), whistle and an emergency escape tool for breaking glass.
  • DURABLE and HANDY: Tac Pen is constructed from high-grade aluminium. It not only looks and feels durable, but it is also very durable. Takes up as much space as your regular ball-point pen - so have one ready in your car, in your kitchen, garage or bedroom.
  • Be surprised. This military-grade technical pen has built-in tools the average person needs for but are nowhere to be found when they are needed the most. We took the statistics, materialized them into one item, and the result is Tac Pen by Bell+Howell.
  • REPLACEABLE INK and BATTERIES. Tac Pens Battery and ink are both replaceable. So, say goodbye to those other products that are good only until the built-in battery loses power or the after the ink runs dry. Please refer to images for breakdown of components.
  • PORTABLE & COMPACT: With a 7” collapsed length, as mentioned, the Tac Pen is similar in size to your standard office pen, so you can carry it with you anywhere, inside your purse, your glove or overhead compartment. More so, the thickness is just perfect so you can comfortably write with it!
  • A 41 Function Card Tool Included for free!! 
  • Over 130 sold before eBay accidentally removed our product. 

Like a Swiss Army pen - featuring a torch with strobe lighting and a zoom function, two screwdrivers (flathead and Philips), a bottle opener, a whistle and a safety hammer with a precise point that can smash glass, this great device will be your go-to for any job, whether you're out in the field or back at (home) base.

Stay tooled up - these pens also come with wallet tool cards that have a host of additional tools and functions, including metric and inch rulers, various wrenches, a protractor, string cutter, glasses screwdriver, battery wrench, staple remover and much more. Easy to take with you wherever you go, these additional card tools fit easily into your wallet so you can be sure you're ready for any DIY emergency at all times.

Great gifts - each presented in a gift box, these two Tac Pens can be divided up into stocking fillers to gift to hard-to-by-for friends, or you can keep one for yourself and give the other one away.

Tac pen functions:

  • Pen
  • Torch - with zoom and strobe settings
  • A safety hammer - can be used to smash glass
  • Screwdriver - both a flathead and a Philips head
  • Bottle opener
  • Whistle


  • 1 x Tac Pens - with pocket clips
  • 1x wallet card tools
  • 2 x set of batteries (2 in each pack)
  • 2 x sets of ink (2 in each pack please remove small protective cover off the ball  of the pen)



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