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3 Pack Ice Cube Trays, Stackable and Easy Release Makes 99 Sphere Ice Cubes

3 Pack Ice Cube Trays, Stackable and Easy Release Makes 99 Sphere Ice Cubes

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Ice Cube Tray, Round Ice Cube Moulds, 3 Pack Ice Ball Maker for Freezer, Stackable & Easy Release Sphere Ice Cube Mould for Whiskey, Cocktail, Coffee (Blue)


  • Food Grade Material: Our sphere ice cube trays are made of high quality food grade PP material, non-toxic, no smell, BPA free, safe and durable, providing you with a pleasant and secure ice making experience.
  • Easy Release: The sphere ice cube trays are made of hard plastic which releases ice more easily than silicone. Once you take it out of the freezer, just open the lid, wait a minute, gently twist the tray, then out pops ice, easy peasy!
  • Easy to Use: When you want to enjoy a chilled drink on any occasion, simply pour a generous amount of liquid into the tray ahead of time, cover it until some liquid comes out of the hole. Then put the ice cube tray in the freezer for 4-6 hours later, enjoy your icy drink.
  • Stackable with Large Capacity: Our sphere ice cube trays can be conveniently and neatly stacked in the freezer to save space while preventing ice cubes from absorbing the smell of the freezer. With three trays, you can freeze up to 99 ice cubes at a time.
  • Wide Use: Our ice ball maker has a wide range of uses and can be used in bars, restaurants or at home to make ice balls. Perfect for whisky, cocktails, wine, iced coffee or making children's chocolate snacks, home-made butterscotch or baby food.
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