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2 Pack Smart WiFi Plugs Work with Alexa Google Home Remote Control 2.4Ghz

2 Pack Smart WiFi Plugs Work with Alexa Google Home Remote Control 2.4Ghz

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Smart Plug GNCC Wi-Fi Plugs Works with Alexa Google Home Smart Socket Wireless Remote Control Timer Smart Wi-Fi Outlet Without Energy Monitoring, 2.4Ghz Only, 13A 3120W, 2 Pack

  • Voice Control: With our wireless smart socket you can connect Alexa or Google Assistant via various skills. You can then control your home appliances with simple voice commands. They are suitable for desk lamps, fans, coffee machines, and almost all household appliances.

  • Remote Control: You will be able to control the devices remotely from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. You don't need to walk around to turn your device on/off, even when you're at home.

  • Set Schedules & Timers: You can create Customized schedules for all wifi sockets to make your home smarter and more convenient for you. Using the Tuya or Smart Life APP it's also possible to create routines such as "Good Morning" to turn on the coffee machine and bedside lights.

  • Easy Setup & Group Control: Share management rights with family members for multiple control. You can create a group for all your smart plugs in the Tuya or Smart Life APPs, this means you can control multiple smart plugs with one touch.

  • Safety & Kids Friendly Design: Alexa smart plug has child lock function and socket slot with a sliding safety cover to prevent children from inserting fingers or other objects into it. Just the right size and won't interfere with the switch. Our smart sockets have passed CE, RoHS, and ETL certifications.

  • Extend your SmartHome: Why not integrate your Tuya/Smart Life based devices via community supported apps and services on Home Assistant, Hubitat, Samsung SmartThings etc. Thus being able to add these to Apple Homekit too! Complete convenience when enabling non smart devices into your SmartHome.


  • Model: SP22-2
  • Size:5.70*5.70*6.20cm
  • Max. Load Current: 13A
  • Max. Load Power: 3120W
  • Wi-Fi Frequency: 2.4GHz [Only]
  • Working Temp.: -10 ~ 50 ° C
  • App: Tuya App, Smartlife APP or Osaio APP

Product information

Pairing Instructions
1. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds
2. Ensure the blue light is blinking
3. Make sure you are connected to your 2,4GHz network (not compatible with 5GHz network)
4. When light is blinking., using your chosen app (we recommend Tuya) search for the plug. 
5. Once connected you can rename them to whatever you like. 6. If using Tuya with Alexa, the plug will be automatically added. 

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