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VENTION 6.35mm to 6.35mm Guitar Cable 1/4 inch to 1/4 inch TS Guitar Audio Cable

VENTION 6.35mm to 6.35mm Guitar Cable 1/4 inch to 1/4 inch TS Guitar Audio Cable

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VENTION 6.35mm to 6.35mm Guitar Cable ¼-inch to ¼-inch TS Guitar Mono Audio Cable Instrument Cable Guitar lead Zinc Alloy Housing with Electric Guitar/Amp/Bass/mandolin/Mixing Desks/Keyboard


  • 6.35mm to 6.35mm Audio Cable: The Vention 6.35mm to 6.35mm Audio Cable is designed to connect instruments such as keyboards, guitars with amplifiers and speakers. Whether you are at home, in a theatre or in a concert hall, this product can provide you with an excellent music experience.
  • Texture of material: Oxygen-free copper provide maximum's conductivity and durability, which can transfer high purity audio signal with minimum loss and bring you different auditory experience.
  • Non-destructive sound quality: Corrosion-resistant Gold-Plated Metal connecters making the sound signal transmits with minimal signal loss. Ensure optimum sound quality.
  • Super high compatibility: Universal Compatibility - The VENTION guitar instrument audio cable is fully compatible with devices equipped with standard 6.35 mm connections. such as electric bass guitars/synthesizers/electric desktop keyboards/amplifiers/classical acoustic guitars/speakers/patch/pianos and other professional audio equipment.


6.35mm Mono Guitar Cable

VENTION Gold Plated Premium guitar accessories 6.35mm to 6.35mm Mono Audio Cable 1/4 to1/4 Jack to Jack


VENTION Gold Plated Premium 6.35mm Mono Jack 1/4" TS Guitar Patch Cords trs cable x1 Best Performance on Various Occasions: Equipped with 24K 15U Gold plated 1/4" mono plugs, VENTION Guitar Lead is ideal for electric guitar, bass guitars & gear, keyboard, mandolin, mixing desks, guitar amplifiers and all home, live and studio applications. Our guitar cable is of the highest quality, giving you the satisfaction of delivering the best performance.


Low noise resistance, for superior performance, perfect for digital or analogue signals

6.5mm male to male audio cable

1.Oxygen-free copper provide maximum's conductivity and durability more stable audio signal transmission

2.High toughness material to provide better protection

3.24K 15U Gold plated connectors is sensitive and stable Reducing the loss of sound quality resist corrosion and ensure optimum sound quality


Zinc alloy case and double layer nylon braid guards against harsh installs where the cable is tugged across sharp edges, protecting it from being scathed.

Product parameter



Jacket material


Product name

6.5mm male to male audio cable

Cable Length




Cable OD






Interface Process

gold plating

Conductor Material

tinned copper


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