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Ultra-Thin Bluetooth Keyboard, Compatible with Windows/Android/iOS

Ultra-Thin Bluetooth Keyboard, Compatible with Windows/Android/iOS

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AMLINK Bluetooth Keyboard, Wireless Tablet Keyboards Compatible with Windows/Android/iOS, Keyboard for iPad/iPad Pro/iPad Air/iPad Mini, Samsung, Mac, MacBook, iPhone and Other Bluetooth Devices, in Black or Silver

  • Ergonomic Design and Exquisite Appearance - AMLINK Bluetooth keyboard is made of high-quality abs, including feet that can be kept on the best slope to prevent wrist injuries when typing for a long time. the fashionable black and white colour scheme deduces a delicate and charming appearance.
  • Stable Bluetooth Technology and Multi-Device Connection - Pair with up to the device and seamlessly switch with the built-in Bluetooth technology, without a receiver, the Bluetooth keyboard will keep your desktop tidy. make it a perfect choice for iPad, iPhone, mac, MacBook, laptop, pc, tablet, smart phone, windows, iOS, mac OS, android.
  • Sensitive Response and Low-Key Keying - This wireless keyboard adopts stylish design and satisfactory response scissors switch, which can realize fast and efficient typing, ensuring that you will not miss the keys when typing emails or blogs. the low-key keys are very tactile, and there are enough keys to travel to make your fingertips more comfortable. the back is equipped with a shock-proof and non-slip pad to provide you with a perfect typing experience
  • Full-Size And Ultra-Thin Keyboard - AMLINK wireless keyboard is a full-size design, including a numeric keyboard, making typing easier and more comfortable than other keyboards. its layout is industry standard, with hot keys such as mute, play/pause, back and back, to help you improve your workflow and work efficiency. the slim design (285mm*120mm*20mm) of this wireless keyboard ensures that it can be easily put into the auxiliary pocket of a backpack or laptop bag.
  • Long-Lasting Battery - This wireless keyboard can work for 60 to 120 days without changing the battery (excluding 2 AAA batteries). to save power, the keyboard will automatically enter sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity.

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System Requirements

  • iPad, iPhone--All versions
  • Bluetooth--enabled PCs or Laptops with Windows XP~10
  • Bluetooth--enabled Mac/MacBook’s with Mac OS X 10.2.8 or above (note that some exceptions may apply. The keyboard may not be compatible with the Mac mini.
  • Smartphones or Tablets with Android 3.0 and above (with Bluetooth HID profile)
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 and above

Connection Tips

  • After installing the battery and turning on the switch, the blue light turns on for two seconds and then turns off, indicating that the keyboard is booting normally. Then long press FN + C for 3 seconds, the blue light will keep flashing, then find the Bluetooth keyboard on the device and click to connect. After the connection is successful, the blue light will turn off. Last, press FN + Windows/Android/iOS to select your system. Then you can use it.


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