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Reusable Luxury Dry Silver Cleaning Gel for Car Interior Keyboard or Laptop

Reusable Luxury Dry Silver Cleaning Gel for Car Interior Keyboard or Laptop

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Reusable Luxury Silver Dry Cleaning Gel for Car Interior Keyboard or Laptop - Mint Scented!

  • LUXURY SILVER CAR CLEANING GEL: Enjoy the stylish Magic Spruce Car cleaning gel that comes in a luxurious silver color suitable for luxurious devices or cars, take care of car interior cleaning by making often used areas look always as if new, give your favorites the shine they deserve. No need for water-based car cleaning products or time-consuming clean ups, this non-sticky cleaning gel slime can remove dirt easily on your car dashboard, catching dirt everywhere rapidly.

  • CLEAN WHENEVER YOU LIKE & QUICKLY: The cleaning gel is effective for car interior detailing, dust cleaning / removing, get to the nooks and crannies of your car plastics, air vents, it is a car upholstery cleaner of choice for many difficult to reach areas. Knead the gel in your hands, catch any moment and give your car a quick clean up and make things look flamboyant with this car interior cleaner, use it on your electronic devices with an ease and convenience.

  • REUSABLE & SCENTED DUST CLEANIG GEL: Make your laptop, airpods, pc computer cleaning session even better as it will smell awesome all the time using this non sticky cleaning putty with mint fragrance. How classy!! You can reuse the car cleaning gel / laptop cleaner so many times to catch all sorts of dirt. Put it back in the pot and store it in a cool place. the gel is stored in a quality storage lid sealed container of 120 grams that is easy to store with a compact design.

  • NON-WATER HANDY KEYBOARD CLEANER: Use this non water gel Instead of using brush and blower kits that still leave dirt on the table, this portable keyboard dust cleaner gel will match your high-end laptop or car interior cleaning needs. Take it with you to the office or home, a cleaning gel slime that helps you reach small gaps to perfection: phone, other home / desk accessories. Put it on all solid surfaces with rugged dirt. No need to rebuy with the inconvenience of using many tools.

  • SAFE CLEANING GEL: The cleaning kit gel is eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-harming for nature and nontoxic, safe for skin and non-sticky to surfaces you will be cleaning or hands. It complies with all international quality standards.

Quick How-To instructions:

  • Take SOME OF THE PUTTY OR ALL, you can use smaller parts of the putty or larger depending on the cleanup, the pc laptop cleaning gel is HIGHLY FLEXIBLE according to the type of objects you.
  • KNEAD the dust cleaner into a ball, then apply gently and spread while pushing slowly into the keyboard or other dirty surface for 6-10 SECONDS.
  • Pull it with care slowly, dirt will stick to the cleaning putty. Apply Keyboard cleaning gel more than one time on same surface if you see it fit.
  • Wait for 2 mins not more, then remove.


  • Do not attempt to wash with water
  • Store away from HEAT or COLD
  • Knead to use
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