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PSKOOK 550 Paracord 7 Strand, Survival, Fire, Fishing Line Green

PSKOOK 550 Paracord 7 Strand, Survival, Fire, Fishing Line Green

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PSKOOK 550 Paracord Fire Cord Parachute Cord 100% Nylon 7 Strands Survival Cord Red Fire Tinder Fishing Line Cotton Thread Outdoor MIL-C-5040 Type III 100FT

  • A new revolutionary fire paracord from PSKOOK. Revolutionary new multifunctional survival line fire paracord with 100% nylon core rather than regular polyester, real 550lb military grade. (Quality and cost: nylon> polyester> polypropylene) Nylon has a celery odour when burned, unlike other materials. (550lb paracord, is not for climbing)
  • It consists of 7 triple strands and 3 survival strings. 3 multi-purpose functional lines: waxed jute line as tinder, PE braided fishing line, cotton line. And the diameter of this rope is 4mm
  • The red waxed jute cord is used as tinder for fire. It's waterproof and will work even in wet conditions; unlimited uses for fishing, trapping, making fires, sewing fabric or wounds, and other emergency situations
  • DIY a completely new fire starter kit with our 550 fire paracord for all emergencies. Our paracord has no metal inside and is not stiff. With that it is still very good for weaving all kinds of paracord stuff and accessories
  • Paracord is also a welcome companion in the great outdoors. In popular areas such as camping trips, outdoor activities, survival adventures, trekking tours, while camping, at a festival or relaxing in a tent

PSKOOK fire paracord outdoor survival ropes with:

  • 7 Individual Triple-ply Braided Strands
  • 1 Red Flax Fire Tinder
  • 1 PE Fishing Line (40 lb)
  • 1 Cotton Thread

Perfect for DIY stuff: Survival Bracelets, Boot Laces, Keychain, Fixed Gun Belt, Wrapped Knife Handles, Fixed Tents, Packing and so on.

Totally a new fire starter kit for any emergency needs!!!

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