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Helix Hand Held Magnifying Glass 75mm MN1020

Helix Hand Held Magnifying Glass 75mm MN1020

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Helix 75mm Hand Held Magnifying Glass - MN1020

  • 75mm Lens Diameter: Enjoy a generous lens size of 75mm, providing a wide field of view for magnifying text, images, or small objects with clarity.
  • Quality Optics: Expect clear and distortion-free magnification, as hand-held magnifying glasses often utilize quality optical lenses to ensure optimal viewing.
  • Comfortable Handle: Designed for ease of use, the magnifying glass likely features a comfortable handle, making it convenient for extended use without causing discomfort.
  • Versatile Use: Hand-held magnifying glasses are typically versatile tools suitable for various applications, such as reading, examining maps, or engaging in hobbies like coin or stamp collecting.
  • Portable Design: Enjoy the convenience of portability with a hand-held design, allowing you to bring the magnifying glass wherever you need it, whether it's at home, in the office, or while pursuing outdoor activities. 

The Helix 75mm Hand Held Magnifying Glass is perfect for viewing smaller items with ease, making it suitable for crafting purposes or for use in stamp collecting. This magnifying glass has a 75mm lens diameter along with a bifocal lens that is also scratch resistant, meeting all your needs.

This magnifying glass is lightweight, making it easy to use and hold for longer periods of time. It has a 2 x magnification and a 4 x magnification insert, making smaller items and details visible with ease.

Key Information: Helix 75mm Hand Held Magnifying Glass

  • Quantity: Single
  • 75mm lens diameter
  • Manufacturers product code: MN1020
  • Scratch resistant lens

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