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Handheld Fan 4000mAh Portable Hand Fan, Mini Personal Rechargeable Hand Held

Handheld Fan 4000mAh Portable Hand Fan, Mini Personal Rechargeable Hand Held

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Portable Hand Held Fan FanU Handheld Personal Fan White or Pink


  • Handheld, small but effective fan to keep you cool day and night
  • Ideal for keeping hot flashes under control during the menopause
  • Rechargeable with 2.5 hours of continuous use per full charge
  • Optional lanyard included so you can hand it around your neck and feel the cooling air handsfree
  • Lightweight design – take it with you anywhere!

Keep Cool During the Summer with the FanU Handheld Personal Fan

For ladies experiencing hormonal changes brought on by the menopause, hot flashes and night sweats unfortunately become a regular occurrence. They can be mild or severe and last for as little as a minute or go on all night long. You may experience several per hour (if you’re very unfortunate!) or as little as one a week, but one thing’s for sure, they are an inconvenience at best and downright misery inducing at worst. If you are one of the unfortunate ladies experiencing temperature fluctuations due to the menopause, a handy personal fan can provide you with relief whenever and wherever you need it.

Created with You in Mind

The FanU Handheld Personal Fan was thoughtfully designed by women, for women to help ladies experiencing menopausal symptoms or those who are experiencing hot flushes and sweats due to radiotherapy or chemotherapy, however majority of the exposure for this great product came when one Mr Simon Cowell proudly used his FanU Handheld Personal Fan on Britain’s Got Talent! It has since been given many celebrity endorsements due to its sleek, fashionable, lightweight design and longevity of use.

Lightweight, Pocket Sized and Rechargeable

The FanU Handheld Personal Fan is incredibly light and shaped just like a mobile phone, so it fits perfectly in your bag or pocket and certainly won’t weigh you down. It is quiet when in use, so you can take it to work, the gym, the cinema; wherever you want, and it delivers a lovely cooling airstream wherever you need it most.

As the fan is rechargeable, you won’t find yourself having to splash out on batteries however often you use it, simply plug it in using the USB cable and charge!

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