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Stainless Steel Cheese Grater with Container Finger Guard. Herb Stripper 7 In 1

Stainless Steel Cheese Grater with Container Finger Guard. Herb Stripper 7 In 1

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Lazumi 7-in-1 Box Cheese Grater with Container and Finger Guard. Herb Stripper

GRATE EVERYTHING! Make cauliflower rice, coleslaw, grated parmesan, citrus zest, ground nutmeg and shredded coconut, plus julienne carrot and potato, strip herbs and kale, and grate all the cheeses, all the ways from one multifunctional grater with handle! What won't it do? It won't grate your fingers!

The 7-in-1 Grater That Also Strips Herbs!

Grate and Strip ALL OF THE THINGS!

From cauliflower rice to citrus zest… julienne vegies to shredded coconut… fresh herbs and kale and of course all of the cheese! Grate and strip anything you please with this multifunctional grater and container. The only thing it won’t do is grate your fingers because it also comes with a handy finger guard!

Included In Set: 7-in-1 Grater, Finger Guard and Container with Lid.

Other 6 Sided Graters are 6-in-1, But This One Has a Secret #7 Function!

6 Herb Strippers!

Look closely, other graters have a triangle hole by the handle for looks (or none at all), but this one uses the space wisely for a herb stripping tool with 6 holes from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch. It’s this unique feature that transforms it from 6-in-1 to 7-in-1!

6 Grating Surfaces

Whether you like things shredded, grated, finely grated or just a little bit zesty, you will find it all on your grater. And if you like to live on the edge so to speak, the included finger guard stops you bleeding out while you grate down the last of that cheese nub.

No Grating ‘Dead-Zones’

Have you ever noticed how some handles make it hard to use the holes right at the top of the grater? Add the container beneath and you’d be lucky if you can grate anything at all. But we changed the design so you get to use all the holes at the top!

Come And Meet Your New Herby, Cheesy Inspiration.

Try this… grate that last small piece of cheese using your finger guard, and strip your fresh aromatic herbs, letting them all meld together in your container, infusing the cheese with heady herby vibes. Now, tip the divine smelling contents of that container on pizza, baked potatoes, or a grilled cheese, eat it all up, and pat yourself on the back for buying the grater that let you do exactly that. Sure beats chopping herbs separately, it’s faster, cleaner and naturally less stems and stalks!

7-in-1 Grater, 6 sided grater, and herb stripper with 6 holes for big and small leaves.

Finger Guard Grip your food with the prongs and keep your fingers free from ending up in your meal. Container with Lid With 3 units of measure: ml, cups and floz! Pop the lid on and store your gratings for later.

Dishwasher Safe

You can pop your grater, container and finger guard in the dishwasher for easy clean up.

Deluxe Grater and Peeler Set


✓ 7-in-1 Box Grater with Herb Stripper

✓ Finger Guard

✓ Container with Lid

✓ For Grating and Stripping Grating, Peeling and Stripping

Made from 304 Stainless Steel with a grippy silicone handle to prevent slipping. The container and finger guard are both safe plastics (ABS and TPE). Change the way you grate forever, with Lazumi!

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