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6 Spirit Bottle Pourers Oil Bottle Drizzler Drink Pourer Spirits Stainless Steel

6 Spirit Bottle Pourers Oil Bottle Drizzler Drink Pourer Spirits Stainless Steel

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6 Spirit Bottle Pourers Freeflow Olive Oil Drizzler Pourer - Stainless Steel Silver - Oil Pourer - Drink Pourers Spirits - Oil Bottle Drizzler - Pouring Spout - Oil Bottle Pourer Spout - Optics

✅Good helper for cooking and bartending:

Are you still worried about the precise dosage of olive oil or sauce vinegar seasoning when cooking?With these tapered spout, perfectly control the flow rate of the liquid, reduce spillage and confusion. Pourers are my good helpers when cooking. What are you still hesitating? These oil dispensing spouts will definitely bring you convenience, try it now!

Simple easy to use is recommended for a beginner or an experienced bartender. Experience the improved taste of a large variety of spirits Tequila, Rum, Vodka, Gin,Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, Cognac, Port, Sake also Liqueurs like never before. Certain to be the most used piece of a barware equipment.

  • PRECISE POURING: This efficient alcohol pouring spout, also known as an alcohol pourer spout, allows for precise pour control, making it an essential addition to any home or commercial bar. The pourer is crafted from stainless steel for optimal hygiene and durability

  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: This unique bottle pourer design fits all standard bottles, making it the ideal bottle pourer for spirits, olive oil, and other beverages. With its silver options, it enhances the aesthetic of your serving

  • EASY MAINTENANCE: These bottle speed pourers, constructed with stainless steel nozzles, are easy to maintain. Their simple yet efficient bottle spout design makes them suitable for pouring various liquids like syrups, juices, wine, and spirits, acting as an excellent alcohol spirit nozzle

  • ELEGANT FUNCTIONALITY: H&S spirit bottle pourers are reliable cocktail bottle pourers, designed for elegance and functionality in bars, pubs, restaurants, and coffee shops. Available in a pack of six in silver they are the perfect bartender pourers

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